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My name is Mike Smith. One of my favorite hobbies is 4-wheeling and everything that goes with it - from modifying the trucks to crawling over rocks. I started driving with my dad in his truck with a Playmate cooler behind my back so I could reach the pedals. I was hooked. Before I turned 16, I began building my own truck and it was all downhill from there.

I really enjoy building my own right and helping others build theirs. I started this business to provide high quality custom products at a reasonable price. I wanted to keep the business small, overhead low and, ultimately, save customers money. I really enjoy working with people to tailor make custom parts to suit their taste and their rig.
100 Skid Plates
80 Tube Sliders
80 Front Bumper
80 Rear Bumper w/ Carrier
100 HC Rear Bumper
80 Front Bumper (Tube)