THE NEW 100 Series Front Bumper

The new 100 series front bumper is a more sleek design with great clearance. The new tube design fits the grill of the 100 much nicer and gives the bumper good clean lines.


  • All bumper parts are CNC
  • Shell is constructed of 3/16” plate steel
  • Winch plate is 1/4” plate steel
  • Mounting brackets and tow points are all cut from 3/8” plate steel
  • Standard powder coating is a satin textured black.
  • Mounts using grade 8 or equivalent hardware utilizing 8 existing frame holes.
  • Bumper weights approximately 135lbs

Will accommodate most non integrated solenoid winches. In most applications the solenoid box must be relocated.
 A warn m12000 will not fit in this bumper. Trimming of the frame is required to mount this bumper.

Bumper with rigid dually lights: Raw Steel -  $1300  - Powder Coated - $1450 + shipping
Bumper with rigid lights:  Raw Steel - $1000  -  Powder Coated - $1250 + shipping
Bumper without light holes at all:  Raw Steel $975  - Powder Coated - $1175 + shipping


  • 100 new front 1
  • 100 new front 2
  • 100 new front 3
  • 100 new front 4
  • 100 new front5

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Custom Bumper For Toyota Land Cruiser

Custom Bumper For Toyota Land Cruiser

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